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One of the most popular actions with the European Association (EU) is the setting up of university or college exchange courses. University exchange programs happen to be programs organized by specific universities and scheduled inside a accurate period of the particular season. During these plans students or professors regarding distinct countries gather and work together. The most common purpose of the college or university change programs is to distribute the particular culture and habits of merely one land within additional places of the similar continent (or even places of diverse continents). Within addition, people who take part in that kind regarding exchange programs talk about the knowledge, the teaching or even other professional techniques throughout different nations.Socrates may be the title chosen by the Euro Union in this general knowledge program. Under this name, three huge programs coexist for the people.Erasmus is the first training program offered by way of the EU. This program delivers university to 15 EUROPEAN countries, typically the European Economical Area plus associated countries of Asian and Main Europe and Cyprus plus Malta. It must be noted that will Erasmus consists of much extra than just student trade programs, at the. g. it encourages the mobility regarding teachers thus permitting often the sharing of knowledge plus teaching strategies across The eu.The Leonardo da Vinci program is also aspect of the Socrates plan. informatika deals with pro schooling and the flexibility of people within the particular framework of specialized to truly in companies out of the country. This EU nations, often the Even more than Economic Place plus some countries of Eastern European countries happen to be involved in this program. The internships have duration of between 23 days in order to 9 months and include students in specialized, complex and scientific places, fresh graduates and those unemployed.The Lingua program can be involved with students studying modern languages and which want to teach. In fact, this includes several more actions and their objective can be to encourage and motivate the learning and the streuung of the official modern foreign languages of the EU, associated locations and countries of the Western european Economic Region. Notably the chinese language pupils can go out of the country as a possible assistant for the period of 3 weeks for you to one educative calendar year inside the country of the particular language they have analyzed. The program comprises of 12 hours of courses under the specialist of the native professor.Kallos European College Tuzla, a private higher training company, is located in Marsala Tita 2A - 2B, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina