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festival focus on the needs of students and is more than a debit card for the students. One of them is the Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card for UNIVERSITY STUDENTS, which facilitates particularly those university students who pay off their credit card balance on time and have the ability to keep the balance low.Benefits Of The CardThe Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students promises to become a rewarding experience for the students with high GPA's. Higher GPA's offers you higher points. The Thank You points that you earn can be utilized for MTv merchandise, flight tickets, gift cards and CDs.The credit card allows you to achieve a solid education and gain smart spending. The card has a reasonable apr (APR) convenient for creating a good credit. You may also avail the opportunity to utilize your points towards MTv special events and for other fun purposes.Absence of any annual fee makes it easier for the student to save money. The card enables students view/check their accounts and settle the bills online. The card also offers provisions for theft protection together with travel insurance. In case, you live far from home, the Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students gives you the option of visiting your family and avail a discount on the flight tickets.Other BenefitsThe card comes handy if you require quick cash or desire to save a balance on another high interest-rate credit card. Moreover, you can avail of a 0% apr (APR) on the balance transfers and a 0% interest on the money advances for the initial half a year.Each and every purchase you make with the card allows you to obtain points. It is possible to conveniently earn 5 points for spending 1 dollar at your favorite haunts, like video rental stores, bookstores, restaurants, record stores and movie theatres. For purchases elsewhere, you can generate one point for spending one dollar with the card.The Thank You Redemption Network of the Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card for UNIVERSITY STUDENTS further allows for you to earn 2000 MANY THANKS points twice a year for possessing a good GPA. You can, however, earn a maximum of 75000 points each year. The rewards expire in the duration of 5 years.You can save 10% at the MTV store in NEW YORK and Should you be in a position to make timely full payments every month, you will end up receiving 20 free from interest days in each billing cycle.Bonus PointsThe card brings for you other advantages like many Internet account related services, emergency card and cash replacement, lost and stolen card reporting, auto rental insurance and legal together with medical referral services.It also provides cardholder the facilities like free access to credit education tips and tools, lost luggage assistance, fraud and security protection services, discounts on auto rentals, up to $1000000 travel accident insurance and much more privileges.